Classic Creamy Comfy Mac ‘n Cheese

I think we all can agree that Mac and Cheese is one of THE ultimate comfort food ever existed. So I figure it would make sense to start off with this recipe.

Sure, we all can make Mac and Cheese since Kraft is generous enough to bestow upon us that classic little blue box (that is not Tiffany’s) of mac and cheese that’ll take you about 7-8 minutes to make. But then again, if you’re one of those people (including me) who think that a homemade dish in a box is definitely NOT a homemade dish no matter what you call it, this recipe is especially for you. A homemade dish is something you prepare from scratch, or semi-scratch, no matter now little or long it takes and for this one, it actually doesn’t take THAT long.

I mean come on, this whole blog is about good food and good company. You can’t be having a home party or invited to one and bring 4-5 boxes worth of instant mac ‘n cheese, can you? (please please please answer NO). Besides, you can’t put love if you’re cooking instant mac ‘n cheese for your dinner party.  Trust me.

Oh, and by the way… Even though I say this recipe is for you and other people, you STILL can eat them all by yourself ok, I won’t judge. Promise 😉


Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes


What you’ll need:

– 3 cups of full cream fresh milk
– 100 ml fresh cream (optional, adds another level of extra creamy-ness)
– 1 block of red cheddar cheese (about 200 grams), use shredded cheese if you can find it, I couldn’t obviously 😦
– 200-300 grams or macaroni elbows
– 1 tablespoon of flour
– Salt and pepper


Ok so first off, boil 4-5 cups of water


While you wait for the water to boil, take the cheddar cheese block and shred it. In my case though, I got a little lazy and sliced it in thin pieces instead.

The goal is so that the cheese will melt easily once it’s in the heated pan, so whichever way you want it, both methods work, it’s just that maybe the shredded one will take faster time to melt.


Once the water boiled, add the macaroni, make sure that the whole macaroni is covered in water. Even distribution is the key here.


While we wait for the macaroni to be cooked. Pour the 3 cups of milk in a saucepan and boil it in medium heat. (sorry I forgot to took a picture of this part, but you get the idea, right?)

Once the milk is boiling, put it into low heat and take the shredded/sliced cheese into the milk little by little/one by one and mix them. Again, make sure it’s in low heat.


Once the cheese is perfectly melted into the milk, add the flour into the mixture and mix it again.

Actually, I just found out that some people put the flour into the milk first before the cheese, maybe it’ll make the mixture less lumpy, but if you still end up with lumpy mixture anyway, use a whisk to mix everything and you’ll be good.

IMG_7079 IMG_7081

(Optional) Take 2 small cubes of butter and add it to the boiling macaroni pan. This will make the macaroni less sticky once you drain them and they also add that butter-y taste to the macaroni . You can also use salt if there’s no butter.


It usually takes about 7-10 minutes for the macaroni to be thoroughly cooked. Once it’s done, drain it.


Add salt and pepper to your taste and the cheese sauce is officially done and well-mixed!


The next thing to do: Well they speak for themselves right? 😉
Mix well. All of them together.


And Voilà! Now your friends and family will love you even more.

See… that wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it?
Of course, this is actually only the beginning and you can continue with many of your own recipes from here. Last time I tried making this, I put them in some soufflé dishes (or you can use muffin trays), added some bread crumbs and put them in the oven on 200 degrees C for 15 minutes. I also tried mixing some ground meat (and extra cheese), roll them into balls, coat them in egg wash, bread crumbs, and deep fry them. The results? NONE was disappointing.

The thing is, you can do no wrong with mac ‘n cheese, that’s why it’s one of THE go-to choice for comfort food. You can also challenge yourself in putting your own style for your mac ‘n cheese, endless creativity I say. Or not. Again, you can just be done with it and just eat it all by yourself, like I said, no judging 😉


Say “Cheese!”,


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